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Because Size Matters

For a great deal of women, size matters a lot. You need what they’re after. You don’t want a secret reputation as coming up short where it counts. Get your security back with the knowledge that you’ve achieved truly effective size with Bathmate pump.

Get some traction on your manhood so you can get some traction on your partner! The relationship will vastly improve from a sex life that is as good as it can be for both of you. Bathmate pump is what you need to get.


HydroPump technology and the power of water!

First off, for the rare few of you that have never heard of this product, a Bathmate is a hydro penis pump. This means it’s a penis pump that has been specifically designed for use with water.

Notably Bathmate does not recommend using it’s devices as air pumps.

When used with warm water (which further helps to improve blood flow), the Bathmate is placed over the penis and pumped to create a vacuum of pressure.

Using water rather than air means the Bathmate provides a more comfortable pumping experience, whilst water also provides more equal pressure over the entire length of the penis which in turn leads to better results and a safer pumping experience.

This process of creating a vacuum of pressure draws blood into the penis, which can help overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction whilst over the long term helping to increase both the length and girth of the penis.

This increase in penis size is, to begin with, temporary, lasting up to an hour after use. Use the Bathmate for 15 up to 20 minutes per day, 5 days a week and over the long term you can gain a permanent increase in size of a good few inches.

In terms of natural penis enlargement, hydro penis pumps like the Bathmate are, in my view the safest, most effective and least time intensive methods for gaining an increase in size.

Bathmate Highlights

Increase Penis Size

Bathmate uses a method that is medically and clinically documented and can extend your penis by inches

Harder and more intense erections

Erections are noticeably more potent one or two days after use, inclusive.

Fast and Permanent Results

Our hydro pump is 250% more efficient than air pumps *. Thousands of customer testimonials show that these products is a worthwhile investment.

Straighten the curve

Bathmate pump produces the stretch necessary to develop the shape and correct any curvature.

Help decrease Peyronie's Disease

Decrease, prevent and help sufferers of Peyronie's Disease where the curvature is less than 20◦

Increase self-esteem

You can also notice a drastic increase in your penis size which is really awesome to boost up your confidence and sexual performance

Bathmate results
increase penis size up to 30% in length and 20% at thickness

*It’s important to note that results do vary on an individual basis

When to Expect Results

You may notice a steady increase in sexual energy, stamina, and drive. You will also be able to see experience in the quality and duration of erections.

With regular use, there will be a marked increase in your staying power and orgasm control. An increase in frequency of erections may also stimulate an increase in size.

Your body may feel at its sexual peak as you and your partner continue to enjoy extra energy and satisfaction during your sexual encounters.

This is similar to weight lifting at the gym – you’ll need to keep doing this if you want to have some improvements. Also, remember that your body needs to have at least a day’s rest each week for repairing itself.

This will mostly depend on what you wish to attain when using it. If you’re looking to enhance your sexual performance, then use it before sex.

If you want to permanently change your penis size by increasing its growth, then you’ll need to apply Bathmate for 4-6 days per week for several months before you see results.

Find your perfect Bathmate Range for better and faster result

Bathmate pump will bring you for a better experience and overall confidence

Hydro 7

The original bathmate pump collections. Compatible for beginner like you to starting get bigger size


35% more power than the original Bathmate series and has become the best-selling hydro pumps on the market


The most powerful hydro pump range with a detachable handball & all accessories. Faster Results! Better Design!

Choose Bathmate pump by your penis size

Bathmate pumps come in many different options and sizes to suit each user. When buying a penis pump it’s important that you find the exact size for you. Measure the length and thickness of your penis when erect. Then select the range of penis length below.

Stay in the game with Bathmate Pump and hit the sheets ready to please

Yes, these penis pumps really do work. The manufacturer has invested thousands of hours designing and developing the products in their laboratory to ensure that they work as promised. The fact that the manufacturer receives less than 0.003% returns is proof that the buyers are really satisfied. This is due to the principle under which pumps work. When using a Bathmate water pump, the suction generates a flow of blood to the cavity of the penis so that it grows. More and more blood will reach the spongy chamber of the penis, which causes the penis to generate more cells to increase its size and to lodge more blood in it during erection. With the increase of this capacity to lodge more blood in the tissues, the penis will increase in size. To learn more about the scientific reasons for the operation, visit the How It Works section.

Yes, Bathmate products are perfectly safe to use. All the parts that come in contact with your skin have been rigorously tested and approved. Make sure you always follow the user manual.

Yes, but luckily they are all positive! Besides growing the size of your penis, Bathmate can also improve your sexual desire, help you last longer with improved stamina and intensify your ejaculations

Guarantee Results

Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

The Bathmate manufacturer is so confident that product will make your penis bigger that they offer a full 60-days guarantee. Try it, use it, see the penis enlargement results for yourself and if you are not happy for any reason, send it back to them within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

  • No questions ask

If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this guarantee will no longer be available, and this is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.