Bathmate Pumps Comparison

There are 3 categories – Bathmate Hydro (basic), Hydromax (intermediate) and Hydroxtreme (premium). All three pumps listed are very similar. Filling them up with water is the same, the pressure is very similar, the quality is very high, they are all comfortable, and all will give you gains with proper and consistent use. If you already own one of the pumps mentioned above, there is no reason to upgrade or switch.

However, there are slight differences that make some pumps superior to others. But that depends on the individual and your personal goals.

Below is a quick comparison of the common facts provided by the official merchandisers

Bathmate Hydro
  • Designed for male enhancement
  • To give feeling of hardness & strength
  • Method backed by intensive research
  • Premium materials & patented tech
  • Safe, convenient & comfortable to use
  • Two years manufacturer guarantee
  • Previously known as the Hercules
Bathmate Hydromax
  • Aspires to enlarge overall maleness
  • For the man who wants to be bigger
  • Superior quality, patented technology
  • New design offers 35x more power
  • 100% safe, comfortable & convenient
  • Guaranteed by manufacturer for 2 years
  • Previously known as the Hydromax X Series
Bathmate HydroXtreme
  • Works to aid boosting of masculinity
  • Gives sensation of hardness and strength
  • Patented tech & premium quality materials
  • Tailored sizing from 5-23+ cm, or 2-9 inches
  • Includes 6 extra accessories & carry case
  • Works in 15 minutes & has 2 year guarantee
  • Previously known as the Hydromax Xtreme