The First Ever Micropenis Pump

Ready to make a real change for your penis size? bathmate pump now designed for those affected by micropenis, giving you the full power of the world’s best-selling penis pumps in a size designed to maximise gains for anyone measuring under 3 inches when erect.

The latest part of our million-selling Bathmate pump range, This is the first ever micropenis pump, and means real, lasting gains for penis size, erection quality, and personal confidence. With a full 92% seeing a real change with Bathmate pump , you can be sure of a real upgrade after just about a month’s regular use.

We offer several bathmate pump choices for users at this size:


Hydromax3 is the world’s most powerful micropenis pump. Build real, lasting gains for penis size, sexual confidence and more with Bathmate Hydromax3!


With high-powered performance, Bathmate HydroXtreme3 creates real results, improving penis size, erection quality, and significantly helping with personal confidence.

Choose Your Range

Bathmate Hydro

Hydro 7

The original bathmate pump collections. Compatible for beginner like you to starting get bigger size

Bathmate Hydromax


35% more power than the original Bathmate series and has become the best-selling hydro pumps on the market

Bathmate HydroXtreme


The most powerful hydro pump range with a detachable handball & all accessories. Faster Results! Better Design!