Bathmate Size Guide

Choosing the right size is very important as that will ensure that your pump will generate the best possible suction. The selection of the pump size depends on the current size of your erect penis and the selection of the model despends on if you want a basic, intermediate or premium model.

Take a look into graph below for adjusting your penis size with our bathmate penis pump to get maximum results


Bathmate Size Table

Pump Range Room for growth Bathmate Size
Hydro7 1.5 Inches Medium Size
Hydromax3 / HydroXtreme3 1.5 Inches Extra Small Size
Hydromax5 / HydroXtreme5 1.5 Inches Small Size
Hydromax7 / HydroXtreme7 1.5 Inches Medium Size
Hydromax7 WideBoy/ HydroXtreme7 Wideboy 1.5 Inches Extra Medium Size
Hydromax9 / HydroXtreme9 1.5 Inches Large Size
HydroXtreme11 1.5 Inches Extra Large Size